Your Rights If You Are Arrested On Suspicion Of A Drug Offence

If someone is taking drugs or addicted to them, they should be aware that the outcome of that can manifest itself in several ways, which include hospitalisation, being admitted to a drug rehab facility, or, if caught in possession of those drugs, being arrested and ultimately prosecuted for a drug offence.

With the last of those possibilities, arrest, it is in your best interests to be aware of what your rights are if you happen to be arrested for a drug offence. One problem with drug offence arrests is the fact that if you are arrested under the influence of drugs, your thought processing and reasoning are likely to be considerably impaired.

What can happen in those circumstances is instead of being rational about the situation, you could behave completely irrationally. This can worsen the situation in several ways, which can include resisting arrest, trying to flee, or, worst of all, assaulting a police officer. All of these can make the seriousness of what you are being arrested for far greater and potentially attract a more severe sanction than the original drug offence if you are convicted.


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