How Much Trouble Will I Get into If I Try to Bring Drugs into Australia?

The penalties for illegal drug trafficking vary immensely throughout the world. Any criminal lawyer will tell you that it’s not worth trying to bring drugs into Australia – the penalties are simply too big.

Although it could be tempting to bring that little bit of something back from your holidays, it’s simply not worth the risk. The chances are very high that you will get caught, and if you do, you will face significant financial penalties and the risk of jail time.

In this article we’ll explore the trouble that you will get into if you try and bring drugs back into Australia, even if they’re for recreational use. We’ll look at a few of the penalties and the things you should do if you’re charged with drug trafficking.

How Much Trouble Will I Get Into If I Try To Bring Drugs Into Australia?

In Australia drug trafficking is seen as a federal crime and comes with extremely tough penalties. However, you won’t always be charged with trafficking for importing small amounts of drugs. You will only be charged with drug trafficking, and risk the associated penalties if you bring drugs into the country with the intent to sell them.

Smaller amounts of drugs will attract smaller penalties if you are caught, but they are still significant. Ultimately, it really isn’t worth trying to import any border controlled drugs into Australia – you will get caught, and you won’t have much chance to defend yourself if they are found in your belongings or on your person.

Importing small amounts of border controlled illegal drugs can attract penalties of up to 10 years in prison. Marketable quantities attract maximum sentences of 25 years, while the import or export of commercial quantities or border controlled drugs carries a penalty of up to life in prison.

What Should I Do If I’ve Been Charged With Importing A Border Controlled Drug?

Basically, you need to get ready to defend yourself if you’ve been charged with importing any quantity of a border controlled drug. Consider the following:

  • Try and find a criminal lawyer who specialises in drugs and drug related crimes. The penalties for drug trafficking are huge, so it’s worth spending some time and money finding a lawyer with experience and a good reputation.
  • Start to build a defence. It’s extremely important to make sure that you’ve got your story straight and your facts consistent. Speak with your lawyer about the best way to build a defence.
  • Discuss strategies to minimise the penalties you will face if convicted. Your criminal lawyer should be able to advise you on the best things to do, so make sure that you listen to them and do exactly what they tell you.

Final Word

Drug trafficking is considered an extremely serious offence in Australia and throughout much of the rest of the world. The penalties are severe, and you should never attempt to bring illegal or border controlled drugs into the country. If you are charged with any drug or drug trafficking related offence you should contact a criminal lawyer immediately.